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Online security has never been this simple.

Zero configuration.

Unbox the Tamago, connect it to your router and power it up. It's that easy (really).

Privacy first.

Access the web on your terms. Region restrictions and third-party surveillance are old news.


Built on 100% open source software by a community of engineers and privacy advocates.

Introducing the Tamago VPN/TOR Box.

Instantly connect all your devices to a secure virtual private network with military grade AES 256-bit data encryption.

Preconfigured with OpenVPN access to servers in your choice of 80+ countries for unrestricted online streaming.

Defeat surveillance with the added security of the TOR relay network to anonymize all your traffic.

Streamlines VPN setup for your desktop, laptop, tablet, set top device and phone with a single, secure WiFi access point.

Built in support for creating a decentralized, peer-to-peer virtual private mesh network with other Tamago boxes.


$ 129 Box

VPN Serivce $10/mo (billed monthly)

Tamago VPN/TOR Box.
Unlimited data transfer.
Lifetime TOR on demand.


$ 99 Box

VPN Serivce $8/mo (billed anually)

Tamago VPN/TOR Box.
Unlimited data transfer.
Lifetime TOR on demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

No Commitment

Tamago is designed to help citizens everywhere access the web securely. You only pay for the box and first VPN service period. Cancel anytime.

At Home or Abroad

Tamago fits in equally well in your home, travel kit and remote office. A ruggedized version is available for fieldwork.

Hardware Specs

The Tamago stack runs on the world-renowned Raspberry Pi 2, with a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU and 1GB of RAM.

For DIY'ers

The latest Tamago VPN/TOR Box image is freely available to install on your own hardware, or create a customized setup with our DIY guide.

We're launching soon.

Stay in touch for updates on availability